Auto Recycling

keep-it-localAt sell my Junk Car; We salvage junk autos so thoroughly that hardly anything goes to waste. This keeps us busy employing locals here to dismantle automobiles everyday. This also ensures the least environmental footprint.

At sell my Junk car we care about our families, our neighbors, our community and the Environment. That’s why first off we Keep it Local. We work with other area auto & parts salvage operations; this ensures our locality get’s what it needs here first. Shipping of parts and vehicles comes at a great expense not only to the consumer; but in the end a larger price to the environment. Many business entrepreneurs buy these cars in bulk; then auction them overseas and make a killing taking advantage of trade rates; that does nothing for our local economy—in fact it generally takes away from the U.S. economy because they all keep their¬†¬†parent companies overseas.


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